This is disaster management.

FOOTAGE: Rittenhouse Square (13 min)

A mobile, durational performance, This is disaster

management has lived in parks & on stages and its

proposal is to work intimately together in public,

performing recovery, resilience, and adaptation.

Created from a US perspective, during the fateful year

2016*, we decided we must gather together, wherever

possible (remember: the US spends annually on the Arts

what France, for example, spends on Dance alone…), to

make something beautiful, intentional, multi-dimensional,

and community-building.

The choreography unfolds with 6

dancers (including a soloist local to each city we tour, who

is always dressed in a blue work suit), by way of

compromise, real-time decision making, simultaneous action,

turn-taking, and concerted effort.

* To remount this work, any fateful year will do.

Photo Credit: In a gesture to further localize this performance project, spectators/witnesses were provided disposable cameras to document each event. Needless to say, the best photos were those taken by the kids for whom we babysit.

Choreography and Concept by marion storm

Performance and Live Composition by Aye Eckerson, Leanna Grennan, Kareem Hewitt, Izzy K. Jackson, Esha Kallianpur, Ella Misko, and marion storm

This work was performed at Leakin Park (Baltimore), Rittenhouse Square (Philadelphia), 6th Street Community Garden (Brooklyn), Chez Bushwick Studio, Center for Performance Research, and Park Slope Community Day.