NO DANCING (a proposal…)

FOOTAGE : McCarren Pool (9 min.)

All of us have other full time jobs, are well acquainted with the term “out of pocket”, and as our own bosses we have to decide when and how to take breaks. We must demand, refuse, compromise, facilitate, and collaborate to express, create, congregate.

At the end of the very long day: this is our refusal of not dancing. In this durational dance performance, 7 dancers devise an improvised method to keep moving. As in Storm’s other works (resistance fantasies; The Riverboat Project; This is disaster management…), our live decision-making orbits a spellbook that is a focal point in the space — bearing scores for choreographies & intimate solidarity to emerge.

Concept by marion storm

Performances by Sophie Bromberg, Aye Eckerson, Leanna Grennan, Izzy K. Jackson, Ann-Marie Gover, Ella Misko, and marion storm (Vital Joint); Aye Eckerson, Leanna Grennan, Ann-Marie Gover (La MaMa); Leanna Grennan and Ella Misko (McCarren Pool)

Premiered 2018 at The Vital Joint, and was performed at Brooklyn Art Book Festival (McCarren Pool) and AUNTS / La MaMa Moves! Festival.

A huge thank you to Theresa Buchheister at the Vital Joint for such generosity within and beyond your space.