The Apparitions Method, or like-liquid (Gathering practices for 3+)

with Alex Viteri Arturo (Berlin) & daniel luhmann (Montpellier) >>> Attempting & live-composing a highly present presence in performance to show you the unfoldings of the live dancing moment.

[institutional palimpsests] [cultural memory] [medicinal gardens]

Footage: CDCN La Place de la Danse Toulouse 07/2021 (62 min)

Program Notes 05/2021 :
Program notes for Apparitins at the reef in May 2021: A shapeshifter's economics.... a fertile protocol for traversing embodied terrains.... for dancing and becoming danced.... a highly sensitive reading of what happened at the in between.... we begin by acknowledging the grounds.

Soundscore :
by Marion Storm with collaboration of Alex and Daniel (assembled field reports & sounds from the courtyard)

family portrait,

centre choregraphique national

may 14 2021