In study with bodies who flood

A solo performance lecture elaborating the logics and behaviors of a river floodplain ~~~~

[ontology of water] [speculative fiction]

in study with bodies who flood

2020 // 40 & 120+ min. versions

FOOTAGE: ICI-CCN Centre Choregraphique, Chambre d’echo (38 min)

in study with bodies who flood (2020) is a solo performance in which marion storm manifests shifting water-scapes & liquid states of being. She improvises, responds, and composes emergent choreographies inside the ‘floodplain logics’ that are produced by her slippery way of moving. In this 35 minute hybrid performance piece, storm offers all present a playful proposal to imagine an Otherwise for our reciprocal relationship with one another and with our planet.

Choreography, Sound, Scene, & Performance by marion storm

Video Documentation by Sophie Laly

Premiered 2020 at ICI-CCN Montpellier, “Chambre d’echo.” Projet initié dans le cadre du Master exerce, en partenariat avec ICI — CCN de Montpellier – Occitanie / direction Christian Rizzo. storm est lauréate de la bourse de la Fondation d’entreprise Hermes en France.