resistance fantasies: strategies for moving toward- and against-

2019 // 3 hours
FOOTAGE: Target Margin Theatre (78 min)

resistance fantasies is a three hour dance performance, supported by a symposium of somatic experiments under the same name. In the performance 4 dancers rehearse strategies for resistance through live-decision making, & systematic consultation of a spellbook of scores. Through this live practice, we shape a performance ecology that hosts our intuitive gestures of rebellion and care.

Concept by marion storm

Choreography and Performance by Aye Eckerson, Ann-Marie Gover, Leanna Grennan, Tara Sheena, and marion storm

Sound Design by Benjamin Levitt, with the performers

Floral Design by Sophie Bromberg

Video Documentation by Jon Burklund / ZANNI PRODUCTIONS

Premiered 2019 at Target Margin Theater, co-produced by The Exponential Festival (Trailer)

For more information on the symposium of somatic experiments, click here and here.