If You Look at Something It’s Always Moving

November 11-12, 2022 Listening Installation


where descriptive practices build a dance…

If You Look at Something It’s Always Moving is a series of questions and answers that compose a dance. Created by choreographers Londs Reuter and marion storm, the work distills and uplifts the early moments of boundless imagining inside the creative process. Collaging together voice, caption, and fantasy, the listening installation features a dynamic system of questions that form an imaginary dance—free of constraints like budgets or gravity or scheduling—in dialogue with artists and thinkers including Kayla Hamilton, Tess Dworman, Lai Yi Ohlsen, Luara Raio, Stephanie Acosta, Pauline Le Boulba, Aminata Labor, and Fritz Buehner, and captioning by Corvyn Dostie. 

This project is presented by Center for Performance Research (Brooklyn) with generous support from the Mertz Gilmore “Late Stage” Grant, and was developed at the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation (Rockland).