The Riverboat Project

Footage: Chez Bushwick Studio (12 min) and again here (12 min)

The Riverboat Project is its own performance method. Sophie and Tara navigate shifting terrain, Storm alters the conditions of the space, witnesses come in and out, creating an adaptive ecology of relations.

This looping, accumulating trio dance work takes its inspiration from the cross-cultural tradition of turning a rusted riverboat that can no longer sail into a memorial site. Club music filters into the space, speculative eulogies are read and performed, we take commemorative shots and bear witness to what was and what will be. Together with the spectators the three performers create a space that exists between the sacred and irreverent; both memorial and fete; an embodied experience that is choreographically intricate and improvisationally unconstrained.

Choreography & Concept by marion storm

Performance & Live Composition by Sophie Bromberg, Tara Sheena, & marion storm

Venue Chez Bushwick Studio

Videography by Hannah Coleman & Steve Dacey

What you see before you is a memorial ship. We are what’s left of a life of travel between the shores. We are full of rust. Our anchor is down. You have permission to walk between the cracks. We are bodies breathless, but only just before the inhale.

Excerpt from the Viewing Guide, The Riverboat Project (2018)