About me: I’ve been an embodied-knower-through-dancing since I was very small; training in somatic practices (systems that have been codified to sense / make sense starting from the perspective of the thinking body), facilitation, & hands on touch modalities for the last decade +; and researching the resource-full nature of the Rehearsal ecology in recent years. I acknowledge and am in constant dialogue with many incredible artists and embodied knowers, many of whom are….you! I am currently based in the Occitanie region of France and around the East Coast of the United States / Turtle Island.

Accessibility statement: All embodied histories, cosmologies of practice, communication styles, and comfort levels with movement are invited. Welcome!


MVMT is a 1-on-1 movement workshop that lasts 45-60 minutes.

MVMT, which stands for multi-valent movement transits (woah) is open to whoever feels called to observe, honor, and experience your own visceral doings. “Dancers” and “not dancers” welcome. You can expect a combination of movement practices, thought recipes, and body-based scores to help you to tune in, rest, move, and follow curiosity.

MVMT workshops are DONATION-BASED! Payment accepted through Venmo, PayPal, or Patreon. How I value the work:

First session = free

Individual sessions after that = $45

3 sessions booked together = $120

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Sur les rives (At river’s edge)

Co-facilitated in collaboration with Montpellier-based performance researcher Alix de Morant.

Full day workshop investigating embodiment and sense-making through the study with the shapeshifting forms of water.

Teaching History: Theatre de la Cite International in Paris, Theatre & Climat symposium (day-long), autumn 2020 & Universite de Rimouski in Quebec (virtually presented, 2 parts), spring 2022.

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Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking

Co-facilitated in collaboration with Elae [Lynne DaSilva Johnson] & Cory Tamler in New York.

Cross-disciplinary workshop addressing precarity’s trauma-resonant effects on mind and body programming. We employ individual and group work that includes writing, performance, movement, breathwork, mindfulness, and dialogue. We make space for reading, ritual, and emergent documentation. No previous experience in any of these
disciplines is necessary, and exercises are adaptable to the needs and abilities of different bodies.

Teaching History: Hosted by Exponential Festival in conjunction with resistance fantasies symposium of somatic experiments at Target Margin Theater, January 2019.

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Morning Class

Choreographic practices & sustainability

A portable workshop series for dancers & people with movement practice, which incorporates intersecting systems of embodiment, somatics, dance, perception, and choreographing. You can expect a full body-mind warm up, scores to arrive in the space, dialogue, partner work, repatterning exercises, and dancing.

Teaching History: Used as a daily warm up & generative practice in rehearsal for my projects; taught recently at 3 bis f – centre d’arts contemporains through their “SESSION” program for teaching artists-in-residence.

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Open-level Movement

In this class, movement becomes a tool for storytelling, relationship building, and playful experimentation.

Teaching History: With Sprat Artistic Ensemble & The Neon Museum, for elders and teenagers (2012 – 2018). In the context of Phoebe Berglund’s teaching artist residency at MoMA P.S.1 in collaboration with Wendell Grey & Katie Dean, for highschool students (2018). In the context of an artist residency at Chez Bushwick Studio, New York, for grad-school kids (2017). In the context of summer festival “Possible Futures” at 3 bis f – centre d’arts contemporains and Hospital Montperrin for neurodivergent and non-neurodivergent adults (2022).

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Here teaching a “SESSION” at 3 bis f in Aix-en-Provence, after a sensory walk through the garden. Spring 2022