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Each session lasts 45 minutes, via Zoom call is actually very nice, and is one-on-one: just you and me and everything that came before us and that is active in between. MVMT workshop — which stands for Multi-Valent Movement Transits, and is formerly known as “Somatic Citations” — is open to whoever feels called to observe, honor, and experience your own visceral doings… I will come prepared to transmit salient movement practices, thought recipes, and body-based scores for you to tune in, resource, and follow curiosity. Consider incorporating a MVMT workshop into your warm up, routine, or physical practice every 1-2 weeks. Like a charcoal face mask, or a day of no sugar, or a plunge into the sea to begin again.

About me:

I’ve been an embodied-knower-through-dancing since I was very small; training in somatic practices (systems that have been codified to sense / make sense starting from the perspective of the thinking body), facilitation, & hands on touch modalities for the last decade+; and researching the resource-full, relational power of rehearsal ecologies for the last several cycles around the sun. I acknowledge and am in constant dialogue with many incredible artists and embodied knowers, many of whom are….you! I am currently based in the Occitanie region of France and nomadically across the United States / Turtle Island.

Accessibility statement:

All embodied awarenesses, histories, cosmologies of practice, communication styles, and comfort levels with movement are invited. Be welcome.

Fee structure:

MVMT workshops are DONATION-BASED! It’s meant to be pay what you wish because I want to share this work, plus it deeply helps my own embodied practice. Payment accepted through Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or PayLib. How I value the work:

Introductory session = free

Individual session = 50 USD / 45 EUR

3 sessions = 140 USD / 130 EUR

Contact me at stormy.budwig (at) with questions.

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