Hungry Mother

A trans-local collective of artists centering remedial actions with/for the Earth.

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I am a founding member of The Hungry Mothers: a collective centering remedial relations with the Earth & Waters. A trans-local group of artists, we began meeting regularly in 2018. Since then we’ve merged and re-merged together in different constellations, facilitating class & creating dance projects & field guides.

Currently I am working alongside tyler rai, jiordi rosales, lisa nevada, and elizabeth weinstein to create a series of offerings — dance performance, social gathering, and otherwise.

We met (some of us for the first time) at a creation residency hosted by The Chocolate Factory Theater in Queens, New York, in June 2022.

Click here to read & sift through a report back on that experience.

To prepare for the residency, this winter-spring we met semi-weekly to uncover and establish our materials before gathering in person:

a mini-documentary on that preparation process & our way as a collective

January 2022 virtual retreat. Clockwise from bottom left : lisa nevada, marion storm, jiordi rosales, and tyler rai. Not pictured today because she was doula’ing a birth : elizabeth weinstein

I am also working closely with Elizabeth to share our 2-day indoor/outdoor workshop jumping edges. Below is documentation from our November 2022 iteration in Tinicum Wetlands in Philadelphia, documented by Koofreh Umoren:

Before that (spring 2021), and with some of our other fellow Hungry Mothers, we published a field guide in collaboration with Loam Magazine, and its editor Kate Weiner:

field guide excerpt

Excerpt of The Hungry Mothers x Loam publications flood drafts : a field guide for sensuous repair (2021)