A Note on Storm’s Cycle of Artistic Creation

digging, (un)learning, & pooling

Marion Storm’s work begins at each phase of the creation cycle, but imagine it begins in transdisciplinary research. What are the stakes? To ask better questions, and to begin from an embodied perspective. At the cusp of 2021, Storm’s inquiry concerns what is sacred and what is irreverent, and how performance and collaborative work can create the conditions surrounding those embodied sensations.

embodied knowing

Creation continues from the research phase into movement practice: embodied knowing. Knowing, in the context of a working process, emerges from physically incorporating the subjects of research so that they become material. The stakes of this practice of embodiment are to experiment with what and how the body produces on sensorial, perceptive, and relational levels.

sensuous transmissions

Creation becomes transmission when it’s shared: Storm’s mission as an artist is to cultivate a sense of connection with our planet and with each other through the expression and composition of wonder-full choreographies, materials, and procedures in a live setting. It is her long-held belief that a live performance space has the necessary power to function as a laboratory: for us to experiment with ways of being together that the capitalist system and all resultant hegemonic residue would deem excessive, superfluous, unmanageable, and disruptive. On the contrary, to develop operations for radical ways of being together – from transferring energy and heat between one another through our hands, to recounting our stories through touch, to embodying ancient and slow processes of our planetary waters – is what we’re meant to do!

The transmissions Storm devises, creates, and facilitates assume many forms. Her contents are shape-shifting: from dance performances, installations, publications, workshops and beyond, she offers proposals for liveness to leave you with a profound curiosity for your own phenomenal embodiment.

turning the soil

Where does the transmission land? What is the residue? How to reconstitute what is there, while acknowledging and celebrating that what is, even if the line of inquiry is coherent, has been changed? The stakes of this phase of the regenerative composting: how to discern from the still-hot embers of the transmission where the resonance rests, and where to begin again. In this way, the cycle continues. Here, too, there is time for rest, reflection, and open discussion across Storm’s overlapping communities and collaborators about what this creative work might become.

current project, 2020/2021

ecotone: in study with bodies who flood (2020) is a solo performance in which marion storm manifests shifting water-scapes & liquid states of being. She improvises, responds, and composes emergent choreographies inside the ‘floodplain logics’ that are produced by her slippery way of moving. In this 35 minute hybrid performance piece, storm offers all present a playful proposal to imagine an Otherwise for our reciprocal relationship with one another and with our planet.

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