2023 Calendar

Upcoming choreographic research / movement offerings:

Français ( en cours ! )

Tucson | March 20-26, 2023 :

DanceLandDayDream #1 ( desert wash )

Movement research & filming grounded in/on/with the Sonoran desert, for the first iteration of the DanceLandDayDream series — a film revolving around the qualities, knowledge bodies, and states of being proposed by the desert wash.

Virtual workshop | July 2023 :

In study with/as bodies who flood

In study with/as bodies who flood is a 3-week movement, somatics, and sensing workshop geared towards working artists interested in stirring their own resources to generate new materials, access more sustainable frameworks for working, and practice ways of knowing that begin with the body in movement.

July dates

tues 4th, thurs 6th

tues 11th, thurs 13th

tues 18th, thurs 20th

Sign up or express interest HERE by June 25th.

Max # of participants: 12

Black Hole Hollow, Vermont | August 17 – 18, 2023 :

Hungry Mothers Retreat & Festival

Public Festival on Thursday August 17 & Friday August 18

Hungry Mothers is a transdisciplinary performance collective that proposes, cultivates, and translates ecological relationships in their artistic projects. Together, members of the collective will be in residence at Black Hole Hollow from August 14 to 19. lisa nevada (Canarsie Lands of East Flatbush, Brooklyn), marion storm (Occitanie region of France), Tyler Rai (Nipmuc, Pocumtuc, Agawam territories), Elizabeth Weinstein (Lenni-Lenape Lands of West Philly), and jiordi rosales (Kashia Pomo territories) will begin the week with a silent walk offered by Black Hole Hollow’s Nicole Daunic. Over the course of the week, Hungry Mothers will continue to develop working principles of their collective research, share movement scores and readings, and offer their practices to the land at Black Hole Hollow. Their week in residence at Black Hole Hollow will spill into & conclude with two days of public offerings on Thursday August 17 and Friday August 18. 

Check Black Hole Hollow’s website for updated information, and follow @hungrymothers on Instagram for announcements, invitations, and scores for arrival. To read more about the mission and offerings of Hungry Mothers, and to read the biographies of the 10+ founding artists, please navigate to the collective’s website.

Unnameable Books, Brooklyn | August 19, 2023 :

A Permanent Parliament by Cory Tamler: Book launch!

In conversation with the author on where the choreographic lives, and how it is transmitted, witnessed, developed, conjured, shared. In dialogue with collaborator Londs Reuter.

Subcircle, Maine | September 3, 2023 :

If You Look at Something It’s Always Moving

In Biddeford, Maine over a 10-day Fully Subsidized residency, with collaborating artist Londs Reuter, we will re-work our listening installation and develop our interview protocol towards a public, LIVE encounter.

More info here.

Forthcoming, stay tuned . . .

STAY TUNED / IN PROGRESS | September 30, 2023 (saturday) – Details forthcoming.

MONTPELLIER | November 2023 (exact dates TBD) – ongoing study thru Posthuman Feminist book club in Montpellier, France will culminate in performative offerings hosted by RIRRA Universite Paul-Valery III, initiated by Alix de Morant & Laura Kirshenbaum. More info soon.

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Fall 2022 ~ A Hot Pile of Compost *

September 19 – October 1, 2022

The Apparitions Method, or like-liquid ~~ ( gathering practices for 3+ )

With Alex & daniel, we write scores for moving together and we perform them in different ecologies: garden, theater, courtyards. incorporating past work experiences at the CCN Montpellier + 3 bis f Aix + now Buda Courtrai. incorporating what we know and what we long for for this project. a project that exists in body, in terrain, in archive, in the nature of the gathering itself (rassemblement). studio visits often, come by!

[creation residency]

[dance project]

October 9 – November 7, 2022

Solo choreographic research (click thru for rehearsal diaries!)     

To research & rehearse this infinite transit: movement principles -> dancing states -> chain reactions produced in/by/with the site

or….how a space absorbs the dancing / how the place dialogues the dancing / how the dancing and the land make moves together


9h30 – 11h —-> fri. 10/21 + wed. 10/26 + wed. 11/2

Each of the residents takes a turn leading morning practice monday, wednesday, and fridays. mine will be “tools for rest & recovery”, and is less about flowing into an embodied state or a full comprehensive warm up, and more about me kind of demonstrating and downloading some tools from different somatic/sensing modalities that I find very helpful for a) arrival into the studio, b) a warm up, c) injury prevention/recovery. some comfort in a studio and movement context is a good idea but i wouldn’t say this is for Dancers only.
Please register or tell me you’re coming, I love preparation.

Lake Studios Berlin
Scharnweberstrasse 27
12587, Berlin – Friedrichshagen


[morning class]

November 11 – 12, 2022

If You Look at Something It’s Always Moving

Collaging voice, caption, and fantasy, this installation features a dynamic system of questions that form an imaginary dance—free of constraints like budgets or gravity or scheduling… Collaborating with Londs Reuter, bringing these imaginary dances to Center for Performance Research this fall!

[ listening installation ]

November 17 & 19, 2022

Workshop series at Tinicum Wetlands + Headlong

Co-teaching with fellow member of The Hungry Mothers Collective, Elizabeth Weinstein in Philadelphia, PA for 2 days in November. Honoring & moving with the w e t l a n d s ~~

Image credit: Koofreh Umoren

[ listening installation ]


Association Practice (working title!)     

As newcomers to this French ecology, we are knowledge-sharing & platform-ing one another’s choreographic research. Based in Montpellier. Haunting performances together. Giving feedback. Drop in, mise-en-reseau – write to join us! 

[somatic labs]

[ knowledge shares]

* A Hot Pile of Compost, this season’s title, is a quote from Donna Haraway’s Staying with the Trouble. It feels tailored to how I am working and trying to work this year as an independent artist stirring and experimenting in shifting assemblages of incredible artists, circumstances, and Places. Grateful for that compost-y language and grateful to be creating pretexts for gathering thru dance-making! – msb


Soiree Astrale : Futurs possibles

14 juillet 2022 : Teaching a one hour movement x site class

3 bis f – lieu d’arts contemporains / Aix-en-Provence / 15h-16h

Reservations HERE.

The Chocolate Factory Queens NY –

In residence with The Hungry Mothers Collective for an emergent site x movement x sound performance & pedagogy. June 2022.

Ellis Beauregard Foundation Rockland ME-

in residence with Londs Reuter for our dialogic project The Interview (working title). June 2022.

Apparitions at the reef

dance performance / installation & choreographic protocol created with daniel luhmann & alex viteri arturo, premiered May 20, 2021 at ICI-CCN Montpellier. Visit our project page HERE.

Update: Ouverture de residence, at Soiree Astrale no. 3 : Printemps, 26 Mars 2022 / 3 bis f / Aix-en-Provence.

Update: Upcoming creation residency, BUDA Kunstencentrum / Courtrai / 19 sept – 1 oct 2022 !

Photo credit: Clarissa Baumann

Purchase Flood Drafts, a field guide to sensuous repair HERE.

co-edited by marion storm, Tyler Rai & Kate Weiner, co-written with the Hungry Mothers Collective. published by Loam Magazine, April 2021.

Update: Sold out! In talks for a reprint so message if interested.

Purchase the Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking Work-Book

(currently printing 2nd edition) — HERE!

Co-written with Cory Tamler & Elae Lynne DaSilva-Johnson, published by The Operating System, January 2019.

A Lexique for G-Spot Island,

Qalqalah’s online editorial platform. Forthcoming Fall 2021!

co-written and collated with Luara Raio and Line Ajan, Winter/Spring 2021 forthcoming.

Update: This was sadly a project that never materialized due to Covid-19.

CONFERENCE CALL series in collaboration with Londs Reuter

hosted by Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY US

May 2021

~ We will experiment with turning off our screens & creating a collective transmission. A radio hour for the soul in these distanced / on-screen times. ~

Final memoire writing project for Master Exerce,

positions of meander: writing from within the floodplain. watch HERE.

September 2020

resistance fantasies: strategies for moving toward— and against—

a dance performance and a series of somatic experiments presented by Exponential Festival

Target Margin Theater, Brooklyn

6-9pm, $20 tickets, $15 Artist Rate (code= STORMY15 for this discount)

for tickets, CLICK HERE.

to support the rehearsal & production process CLICK HERE.

this project is supported by Foundation for Contemporary Arts’ Emergeny Grant, Materials for the Arts, Pentacle, and countless individuals.

January 23-26, 2019

November 26, 2018

The Cops Are Studying!

a civil resistance drag performance at CUNY Graduate Center, with lead artist Rina Espiritu and artists Cory Tamler, Alex Viteri Arturo, and Sierra Ortega.

2pm – 9pm, come and go as you wish. Bring cop costumes, come ready to study! A limited selection of costumes will be provided.

September 8, 2018

resistance fantasies (work in progress showing)

a showing at Fast Forward Labs’ office space in downtown Brooklyn.

July 9-13, 2018

stormy presented a paper at the International Federation for Theatre Research Conference as part of the ‘Choreography & Corporeality’ Working Group

Belgrade, Serbia

June 9, 2018


Dancing for Phoebe Berglund, Villa Empain, Brussels


“Each composition repeats itself in a loop with very few changes or even no transformation; the dance is thus constructed of subtle transitions that create infinite variations of a single image.” – Note from the choreographer

June 3, 2018

NO DANCING (A proposal…)

La MaMa Moves! Festival, AUNTS

5pm – 8pm

May 26, 2018

NO DANCING (A proposal…)

McCarren Park, Brooklyn


live performance at the Brooklyn Art Book Fair

May 6, 2018

NO DANCING (A proposal…)

Vital Joint, 106 Meserole Street

4:30pm – 7:30pm

come and go as you wish, $15 at the door

April 25, 2018

slow Wall Street women walk

The three original blocks of Wall Street, NYC


public performance comprised of a group of women walking slowly across Wall Street during morning rush hour

March 12, 2018

Criminals of the Dream / Face the Music

Dancing for Nadia Tykulsker with Lydia Mokdessi, Roulette, Brooklyn

Face the Music youth orchestra performs Greg Saunier’s Criminals of the Dream

February 18, 2018

NO DANCING (a proposal…)

Vital Joint, 106 Meserole

split bill with Lydia Mokdessi

January 21, 2018

untitled showing

Dancing for Phoebe Berglund, MoMA P.S. 1, Queens NY


September 23, 2017


Bushwick Open Studios, Chez Bushwick Studio, Brooklyn


July 30, 2017

Resistance Fantasies

Workshop, taught through International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education (IDOCDE) symposium

ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna, AUS

June 2-10, 2017

A dance project for 2017

public park, Philadelphia; Nature Art in the Park exhibit, opening reception, Baltimore; Local Produce Festival, Brooklyn; invited showing, Brooklyn

site-responsive, time-based performance installation

January 27-28 2017

This is disaster management.

Artist-in-Residence (Chez Bushwick) culmination performance, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn

June 3, 2016


54 howard ave



come and go as you wish, suggested donation

February 1, 2016

Wings Downstage Right

(dancing for Phoebe Berglund)

Movement Research at Judson Church

Manhattan. 8pm.

December 17, 2015

(we’re trying not to move.)


WOW Cafe Theatre, Manhattan. 8pm.

September 5, 2015

(we’re trying not to move.)

Index Arts Center,

Newark, NJ. 8pm.

June 13, 2015

this is our nine to five (we’re trying not to move.)

rabbithole projects

dumbo, brooklyn. 6:30-11:30pm.

April 5, 2015

This is our nine to five


Brooklyn, NY. 1pm.

November 4, 2014

Insouciant Little Girls

under exposed series, dixon place

new york, ny. 7pm.

October 17 – 26, 2014

sprat artistic ensemble’s Henri


the smith center

las vegas, nv

September 28 – October 30, 2014

anne wilson’s To Cross (Walking New York)

(walking on thursdays & sundays)

the drawing center

soho, new york

September 6 & 7, 2014

survival (work) / movement (play)

Gowanus Arts Building

Brooklyn, NY

July 20, 2014

a process showing for survival(work)/movement(play)

featuring sophie bromberg, stormy, maire mccrea & lindsey weaving

Gowanus Arts Buliding

Brooklyn, NY

July 11, 2014

We Are Water

Dancing for Emie Hughes

Brandywine River Museum

Chadds Ford, PA

June 7, 2014

brain/storm showing

with Spoke the Hub’s

Local Produce Festival

Park Slope, Brooklyn

May 31, 2014

a solo more about landmarks & less about progress

a three-day residency culminating an evening of performance, technology and time-based art, curated by catherine siller.

The Moran Plant, and waterfront

Burlington, Vermont

April 27, 2014

excerpt of new work: brain/storm

Fertile Ground at Green Space

Long Island City, NY

February 25, 2014


Five Myles Gallery

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

February 14, 2014

two-person movement installation (sketch for half-life)


Brooklyn, NY

January 26, 2014

(half-life) x 3

Gowanus Arts Building

Brooklyn, NY

June 1, 2013

brunch as manic/pelvic



Brooklyn, NY

Before 2013:

studying choreography & creative nonfiction writing at The New School University under the direction of Neil Greenberg & Danielle Goldman.