Ljubljana, Slovenia ~ September 2020
research residency hosted by Nomad Dance Academy / LifeLong Burning

marion storm’s choreographic work & dance projects have been presented by Exponential Festival, AUNTS, La Mama Moves! Festival, Bushwick Open Studios, and Brooklyn Art Book Festival, and she has shown her performances at Target Margin Theater, Roulette Theater, Center for Performance Research, La Mama Theater in New York City, and most recently at the Centre Choregraphique National of Montpellier, France. Her writing has been published by The Operating System and is forthcoming in Loam Magazine with Flood Drafts: A Field Guide for Sensuous Repair. She has taught inter*generational art workshops for children, teens, and Elders since 2012. storm was the recipient of a Foundation for Contemporary Arts ‘Emergency Grant’ for her collaboratively built performance and symposium resistance fantasies: strategies for moving toward– and against– in 2019, and was awarded an ‘Artists in the City’ scholarship by Fondation Hermes in 2019-2021 for completion of her Master in Choreographic Research & Performance. marion storm’s dance & writing work on and with the planet is grounded in hydropoetics, the flooding body, & sensuous repair. storm began to choreograph dance in 2010 at The New School on Lenapehoking lands, in New York City. She is based in Montpellier, France.

Storm lives for dancing & kinship, simply. She loves dancing as much as dance parties as much as making dance. As much as yelling down roller coasters with salty skin underneath the Harvest Moon. As much as really good food from her grandmother: or really anyone’s grandmother. Storm feels best when surrounded by ancient teachers of complex water storage technology, such as the Creosote bush, and the Cholla cactus.

She is awe-struck by awe-some horizons and plunging red canyons, particularly of the Sonoran desert from where her family hails. From the United States, her ancestors hail, too, from England, Mexico, Spain, Germany, and France. Storm is committed to doing better, and to (un)learning, as a descendant of colonial settlers, and is engaged in public & private study to arrive inside her own body with more information surrounding white-body privilege, environmental racism, and revolutionary somatics before deciding to put anything on a “stage.”

Many live dance performances have changed storm’s life, along with many submersions into frigid ocean waters… Many sprints down mountains and many huddles around well-tended fires… Many spontaneous choreographies improvised on the dance floor with beloveds. Storm believes very strongly – very strongly – in Valentina Desideri & Stefano Harney’s notion of fate work, and tries to practice this kind of intention every single day.

Speaking of allies, in this necessary work of speculative worlding:

Audre Lorde’s “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power

Octavia Butler’s Parables

Ursula K. Leguin’s The Dispossessed

Fred Moten & Stefano Harney’s The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study

Saidiya Hartman & Fred Moten’s The Black Outdoors

Autumn Brown & adrienne maree brown’s “How to Survive the End of the World

This group of people who made a memorial for Okjokull glacier in Reykjavik

Loam Publications

….to be continued, ever-changing, always cycling. Navigate to my References page for a more detailed summary of inspirations, kin, and theoretical lineage.

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